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Asked by robinsandy - 6 years ago
When there is just a red X and no picture of the site user then what does that mean?
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Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 6 years ago
The little red X in a box means that for one reason or another the picture that belongs there cannot be loaded.
This could be due to an error in the coding of the page or it could be due to the options you have set or it could be a registry error in your computer or it could even mean that your cache is full and needs emptying.
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kc5255 Level 38 / Out of the Workforce
Answered 6 years ago
The red X that you see in your profile means " HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy"...Not Available until you update your image. Web designers uses this programming code from behind the scences. Some sites have preference settings for 'triggers' that the user can turn the trigger on or off..

To sum it up..its a "blocker" from displaying an image...
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