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Asked by Look - 7 years ago
How much rain forest is there left, how long before its all gone, can it be replaced, are we all going to die from the lack of tree's, how do we die from lack of tree's?
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ilovegoogle Level 10 / Product Manager
Answered 7 years ago
Around 50% of the World's rain forest remains. At the current rate of deforestation, only 20% of it will remain. You can't replace rain forest because it takes thousands and millions of years to develop the ecosystem.

We're not all going to die if the rain forest completely disappears. Rain forests are carbon neutral so they don't really help with reducing greenhouse gases and they don't affect global warming. Not all of the trees in the world are in the rain forests. If all the trees disappeared, we would be in serious trouble because trees help reduce greenhouse gases.

What we will lose if we lose the rain forest is the incredible diversity of life within these rain forest. New species and chemical compounds are being discovered all the time within these rain forests. Some of these might hold the key to important medical discoveries and breakthroughs. If we lose all the rain forests, we'll never know if we could have discovered cures for major diseases.
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icemannn Level 2
Answered 5 years ago
maybe help this resource for more information
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