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Asked by apefor21 - 7 years ago
My Hitachi 50V500A is approximatly 4 years old now. Within the past week we have started to notice that the picture now has a green tint to it. This is not in the infomous "CROP CIRCLE" area it is over the entire screen.
I have checked all the settings in the "VIDEO MENUE" and all is fine. I have even gone as far as selecting "RESET TO MANUFACTURE SETTINGS" with no evale.
All connections on the back of the set are tight.
Hitachi service centre has given the usual responce of a service call with a cost of approximatly $100 and has told me most likly the set will have to have major work done at a very high price.
My question is..
Could this be something as simple as replacing the bulb?
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jweston Level 5
Answered 7 years ago
I don't think it's related to the bulb. If it was a bulb issue it would affect all the colors equally. It could be a faulty LCD unit which would be pretty expensive to fix since it would involve replacing the whole engine for your TV.

It also might be a software glitch of some sort. I've heard of people having issues with TV where it's all working fine and then one day the color settings go crazy. In some cases, it turns out that it was a glitch in the firmware of the TV and they fixed it by going into the service menu of your TV.

In your case, before you have the tech guy come out to see your TV, it's worth trying to debug the problem by using a service manual. The service manual will allow you to access hidden menus that let you change the colors around. It's worth trying it on your own to see if you can fix it first. Even if you get the tech guy to come out, he'll be doing the same thing by consulting the same service manual.

Here's a site where you can download the service manual for your TV. Make sure you download all the pages since it comes in 13 parts:
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