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Asked by TJUSTASKING - 6 years ago
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WannKnow Level 38 / L.P.N.,B.A.,B.S.
Answered 6 years ago
she is clean shaven. shaving hair does not induce more hair to grow. the number of hair follicles, type/texture of hair, and color are genetic factors (as is baldness). The only thing that may occur is a change in the texture of hair that is shaved regularly, not the number of hairs.
psynopsis Level 11
Answered 6 years ago
She has taken too much testosterone!
PurplePrincess Level 15
Answered 6 years ago
She gets shaving rash??
adrianvance Level 5 / writer
Answered 6 years ago
Her voice changes.
Source Marriage to a Swede.
worriedsick Level 37 / R.T.(R)(M), BS
Answered 6 years ago
To take Wann's answer a bit further, shaving a woman's face will eventually result in the same thing as what happens when a man shaves. The hair gets coarse, thick and stubbly. Laser hair removal is the most effective way to removal facial hair. Also, depending on the age of the woman with the facial hair, there may be mitigating factors causing the hair in the first place.
If the woman is still of reproductive age, the facial hair is a result of a thing called polycystic ovarian syndrome. This isn't something dangerous, but it is a common thing in women that causes facial hair, infertility and insulin resistance. In older women, it is a result of menopausal issues with hormone imbalances. Either way, don't shave. Have it removed professionally.
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