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Asked by smohpal - 7 years ago
You may notice a cryptic notation: “Reg. Penna. Dept. of Agr” on certain stuffs? What it means?
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Richard Level 78 / Retired Dentist
Answered 7 years ago
The answer dates back to 1933, when the state of Pennsylvania enacted the PA Bakery law. The law was a direct response to the technological revolution of the early 20th century, which enabled large manufacturing concerns to flood local markets with their goods. Baking became a big business with resourceful state, national and even international baking companies supplanting small neighborhood bakeries. PA passed its law to ensure that baked goods arriving from out of state met the same high standards as those produced locally. It stipulated that in order to peddle baked goods – including everything from potato chips and pretzels to pasta – in the state of PA, companies must hold a PA bakery license. Then, as now, to obtain a license, a bakery must pass an annual inspection for cleanliness and labeling accuracy and its employees must undergo yearly medical examinations.
Keystone State's Dept!
Rather than try to visit each out-of-state bakery personally, officials at the PA dept of Agriculture rely on the agriculture depts. of other states to annually inspect bakeries under their jurisdiction and submit their findings to Pennsylvania. The notation “Reg. Penn. Dept. of Agr” stands, as a proof that the product within has met required standards and is licensed to be sold in Pennsylvania. Most bakeries find it easier and less costly to include the notation on all packaging rather than specially printing just those packets/boxes destined to wind up on grocery store shelves in PA.

PA is not alone in requiring bakery inspection and licensing – in fact, all fifty states now do so. But only PA requires an inspection notation. Since standards still vary from state to state the mark continues to ensure the quality of baked goods sold in the Keystone (nick name of Pennsylvania) state. Today, it is a good advertising for a state that since 1933 has been certified “pure and clean”!
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Seven Level 1
Answered 7 years ago
It is an abbreviation for "Registered With The Pennsylvania Department Of Agriculture"
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