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Asked by Kevin30305 - 6 years ago
the first person to create working compression
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The hand bellows used by early smelters and blacksmiths for working iron and metals was a simple type of air compressor and the first pneumatic tool.
During the 17th century, German physicist and engineer Otto von Guericke experimented with and improved air compressors. In 1650, Guericke invented the first air pump. It could produce a partial vacuum and Guericke used it to study the phenomenon of vacuum and the role of air in combustion and respiration.

In 1829, the first stage or compound air compressor was patented. A compound air compressor compresses air in successive cylinders.

By 1872, compressor efficiency was improved by having the cylinders cooled by water jets, which led to the invention of water-jacketed cylinders.

During the 20th century, compressed air and of compressed-air devices increased. Jet engines use centrifugal and axial-flow compressors. Automatic machinery, labor-saving devices,and automatic-control systems all use pneumatics. In the late 1960s, digital-logic pneumatic-control components appeared.
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