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Asked by basiers - 6 years ago
My daughter gave me her old cell phone, a Verizon Samsung SCH-A670. I use it as a prepaid and put minutes on it as I need them. Not sure if that has anything to do with the problem that I have in that I can't figure out how to erase all her old messages. The mailbox is full and nothing I try lets me clear it. I tried downloading a user manual but my computer says it can't open the file. Any suggestions, anyone? Thanks.
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kc5255 Level 38 / Out of the Workforce
Answered 6 years ago
Most cell phones let you delete each message after you have heard it. The best recommendation, you should contact your daughter. She probably had set a "password" to access the phone messages.

SCH-A670 User Manual (Verizon Wireless) (ver.1.0) - ENGLISH
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