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Asked by Kuchinsky - 6 years ago
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Temperature is actually a measurement of the movement of molecules via heat energy.

If water molecules have less heat energy, they will be in the form of either water or ice. By the same concept, the more heat energy they have, the molecules will either be hot water or water vapor. This is because as a molecular substance has less energy flowing through it, the molecules will become less excited and will not move around as much. If the molecules are in solid form, they will even form a crystalline structure (for water, this is ice) where the molecules merely vibrate. In liquid form (water), the molecules are less condensed because they move around more because they have more heat energy than their solid counterparts. In gaseous form (water vapor), the molecules are moving around like crazy and there is far more space between individual molecules because of their high energy obtained from heat.

I recommend Googling the phrase "Boltzmann distribution chart." If you look up images, you will get an idea of the different phases of a molecular substance according to the amount of kinetic energy of the molecules. The trick is to remember that kinetic energy is directly proportional to the heat energy of a substance.
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