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Asked by LHTBLUFAN - 6 years ago
I have had a stray cat in my yard for 1 1/2 years. Now I have an opossum (probably from leaving out cat food at night, which I no longer do). I want to get rid of the opossum, but fear putting out a trap might trap the cat and scare him away for good. I have been told that if I hang moth balls in the tree in my yard that the opossum sits in at night, he will leave. The cat is not in the yard everyday like he use to be, so I think the opossum has scared him. He does come in the afternoon to eat, but leaves right after. This cat has slept in my yard all day this entire summer until a week ago. I just bought a cathouse so the cat will have shelter this winter. If I put out moth balls will that run off the cat too?. I have been told that coyote or fox urine will also work, but that it will also send the car running. I am looking more for a cat expert than an opossum expert. I will get rid of the opossum somehow, I just don't want the cat to lose the home he has had for the last 1 1/2 years in the process.
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jasonpyle Level 10 / Mentor teacher
Answered 6 years ago
moth balls are poisonous to cats, so please don't go that route.
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