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What is a Request for Judicial Intervention?

Although a lawsuit is commenced by the filing of the summons and complaint, or summons with notice, the case will not be assigned to a judge until one of the parties files a Request for Judicial Intervention. The first time a party needs judicial consideration of an issue in the lawsuit, he or she is required to purchase and file a Request for Judicial Intervention. In most instances, the first time a case will come before the court is when a motion is made.

Contested Divorce [In New York]
Once the case is filed and served the parties must request a Preliminary Conference within ninety days if the case is to be treated as a contested divorce. Such Preliminary Conference will be scheduled if one of the parties files a "Request for Judicial Intervention" (RJI) with required fee. At the Preliminary Conference the court may deal with interim issues, (i.e. temporary custody, child support, attorney fees or spousal support) and will schedule discovery between the parties that includes the valuation of assets and pensions to be divided between the parties.
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