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Asked by Kelster110 - 7 years ago
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Sixsmith Level 3
Answered 7 years ago
a good rule of thumb is you shouldn't keep unfrozen, cooked meat products for any longer than 3 - 4 days
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hnkst2 Level 2 / independent software engr
Answered 7 years ago
3-4 days is the rule of thumb that I use as well for chili, curry, spaghetti sauces and stews.

I am pretty sure it is safe to keep things longer since germs have a hard time surviving cooking temperatures and have a hard time multiplying in the fridge but I try not to keep things longer than that.

If we need to keep things longer, I reboil the sauce for a few minutes and then put it back in the fridge after it cools down.

I can't remember who taught me this trick but the idea was that the reboiling would kill off any germs that managed to grow in the sauce.
justthefacts Level 9 / A Professional
Answered 7 years ago

This is a great link to the USDA. It's got a lot of good safe handling procedures.

I started really using this site when there were many ground beef recalls in our area.

I think that you will find all the info you need, and then some. I started reading some items and it was interesting to find things out that I never knew!
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