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Asked by smiley4 - 6 years ago
The u.s army requires womens heights to be between 58 inches and 80 inches. Find the percentage of women meeting that height requirment. Are Many women being denied the opportunity to join the army becuase they are to short or to tall?

Womens height are normally distributed with mean of 63.6 inches and standard deviation 2.5 inches.
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Army Weight Charts Female

Soldiers are weighed at least twice per year (usually in conjunction with the Army Physical Fitness Test, to ensure they meet Army standards for weight and fitness.

The chart below is not used for new accessions. The Army has separate weight standards for those applying to join the Army. The below chart is used once a Solider has completed Army Basic Combat Training.

Army Regulation 600-9 The Army Weight Control Program

Recruit Medicine Chapter 22 Nutrition and Weight Control

Evaluation of anthropometric equations to assess body-composition ...

Can certain health problems prevent a candidate from serving?
As part of the entrance process for any service, prior to Boot Camp, new recruits will receive a physical exam. During that exam they will be asked about their overall health. A recruit's input and the result of the exam will determine his or her ability to meet the health and physical fitness standards for military service. Because of the very particular and personal nature of this discussion, Contact a Recruiter for more specific information.

Are there special considerations for women enlisting in the Military?
More than 95% of all jobs in the Military are open to women. The percentage of women serving on active duty in the Military has doubled since 1978. Clearly, women play a very important role in Today's Military. Each service has physical requirements specific to female enlistees.
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