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Asked by kevinwings - 6 years ago
i need 10 examples of investigatory please
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Listed below are 10 different investigatory projects for you to review. To read and learn more about each of them just click on the links

Potential Use of Oyster Shells in Ceramic Production
This study focused on the possibility of replacing silica in ceramic production with oyster shells. Powdered oyster shells were used instead of silica in the production of ceramics. The texture, color and durability of the ceramics were compared to those made with silica. Six kilograms of Vigan clay and 2.5 kg of ball clay were mixed and soaked in water overnight. The following day, the mixture was kneaded again and filtered. The mixture was placed over Plaster of Paris for the water to be absorbed.

Spirulina platensis: Potential Biosorbent for Lead
Heavy metal contamination is one of the problems encountered by industrialized countries due to its harmful implications. At present, biosorption, a biological method in removing heavy metal ions, is deemed as an inexpensive and effective alternative to physico-chemical methods of separation in treating wastewater contaminated with heavy metal ions. This study Spirulina platensis: Potential Biosorbent for Lead aimed to prove the effectiveness of Spirulina platensis in absorbing lead ions from simulated wastewater. S. platensis and lead acetate were obtained from UPLB. Four separate 90 ml lead solutions, each containing 50 ppm of lead, were prepared and inoculated with 10 ml of S. platensis.

Cellular Phone as Electrical Device Activator
This study aims to focuses on the development of a remote control that will function in activating any desired electrical device out of a common gadget, the cellular phone.

The researchers developed a remote control using the widely used medium for communication, which is the cellular phone. This device will operate as a remote control that can activate different electrical devices regardless of the distance, because cellular phones operate through microwaves as its medium. Since the device can operate in very large distances, a confirmation for the activation of the electrical devices will be obtained. This device will function as a remote control to activate desired electrical device anywhere, anytime.

Used Cooking Oil as an Additive Component of Candle
The study aims to produce a low-priced, high-quality candle by using used cooking oil as a major component. The following candle compositions were used: 100 percent paraffin wax; 90 percent paraffin and 10 percent oil; 80 percent paraffin and 20 percent oil; 70 percent paraffin and 30 percent oil; 60 percent paraffin and 40 percent oil; 50 percent paraffin and 50 percent oil. The firmness, texture, and light intensity of the candles were tested and compared.

Air Battery/ Saltwater Battery
Introduction: We all know that the world is now facing an energy crisis and everyone is trying to do something about that. Now you can show everyone that electrical energy or electricity can be made from air and saltwater. After all, both the air and the saltwater are freely available everywhere. These are the two things that we have plenty of them. This may seem impossible. I could not believe it myself the first time that I heard about it. It almost sounds like a magic trick. Finally, I decided to test it anyway.

I tried different concentrations of salt water, different temperatures, and different electrodes and had no success. It took me a few months thinking about it until I solved the problem in my mind and decided to repeat my tests again. This time everything worked fine and I was able to make enough electricity to light up a small light bulb.

Electric Generator
Wooden Generator

Making an electric generator is a good way of learning the principles of generators. It also is an exciting science project.

As a display project, you just need to make it and demonstrate its structure. As an experimental project, you need to come up with questions about the factors that may affect the rate of production of electricity.

Fruit Battery
(Make Electricity From Fruits)

This project is one of the most famous electricity projects that can be performed successfully by most students in the age of 10 to 16. It helps students to learn about producing electrical energy using chemical energy. Since the same method is used to get energy from many fruits and chemicals, this project has many names. Following are some of the other names or titles for this project:

Make a DNA Model
DNA is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions specifying the biological development of all cellular forms of life. By changing parts of DNA, scientists are able to produce plants, animals and other live organisms with new properties and abilities. Genetically modified crops and genetically modified fruits are widely known and used.

Starch test kit
Starch test has been the most versatile science project in the past few years. Students can modify it and make totally new projects that are all based on starch test. Some variations of starch test program are:

An electromagnet is by far the most important electrical structure that exists in almost all electronic devices. Most of today's Radios, televisions, door bells, telephones, telegraphs and computers could not exist without electromagnets.
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uhm,,, excuse me kc5255,are those investigatory project you have enumerated already conducted??
your sincere reply would be highly appreciated..
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