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Asked by sexyme - 6 years ago
is man is the highest form of animal.justify
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robinsandy Level 19
Answered 6 years ago
There are many things that us humans can do that animals can't and visa versa. When i look at the animal kingdom and what they can do with inbuilt instincts it's amazing, and they don't harm our globe. I'd say we're not the highest by a long shot.
kc5255 Level 38 / Out of the Workforce
Answered 6 years ago
Because of all other animals only man was created in Gods image and given a mandate to husband, or care for, the rest of the earth. Interestingly of all the life God has created only man has been granted the opportunity to receive eternal life through trust in Jesus Christ. Check out Genesis ch. 1-11.

His ability to reason and communicate at a much higher level.
scott6130 Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
Show me an animal that thinks it's smarter than me......And I'll eat it!
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