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Asked by chris512 - 5 years ago
Hi, I get a really horrible rotten taste when I yawn. It's been happening for over a year. I had a cold over xmas and the taste went away for a while. Now it is back. I yawn and the taste comes into my mouth. Then I can yawn a few more times and I don't get any bad taste. It's almost like something is building up and then draining as I yawn? My GP says she has no idea what the problem is and doesn't want to send me to an ENT specialist as she thinks it'll be a waste of NHS time..... Can you help me please? Chris.
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mboutilier Level 55 / Living life to the fullest!
Answered 5 years ago
The bad taste is coming from infected sinuses. When you yawn you stretch the sinus cavities and they begin to drain. When you had a cold, your nose was probably runny and you blew your nose quite a bit, clearing the sinuses temporarily. I'm surprised your doctor didn't pick up on this! One round of antibiotics should clear up the problem. There's also a device you can get at a pharmacy that squirts salt water up into your sinuses! Not sure of the name, but the pharmacist will know! It can really help too!
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