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Asked by emma_audra - 6 years ago
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Richard Level 78 / Retired Dentist
Answered 6 years ago
For most of my life I have been the boss. But in the old days I once made the decision to put a report I wrote in a special file because it contained criminal information about somebody and I wanted to limit access. It was the correct decision and protected all. Later I was praised for it. If you know what you are doing, you seldom need a boss.
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jpadrique88 Level 1
Answered 3 years ago
my first thing to do is find i higher position as possible so she/he the one who make or approve the decision, company is always working as group, i am a versatile person, because I'm a good follower but in the time of needs i can be act a leader too, if i have no more choice i will act accordingly in my position, i will not do some approval that my risk the company or only my boss can do, i will just tell the client to came back or rather i take her/his number so i will contact him if my boss came back, i give him customer assistant accordingly to my position <Joseph Padrique> josh_two08@Y.C
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