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Asked by cpartite - 5 years ago
It just started after we filled our pool. Our normal everyday use is laundry, lawn sprinklers, showers (typical use) everything was fine it was after we filled our pool did the trouble start. What is this and how can we make it go away?
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mboutilier Level 55 / Living life to the fullest!
Answered 5 years ago
If it's a cloudy, grayish white, it's tiny air bubbles. A pool takes an enormous amount of water, and the underground springs that feed your well are filling up the reserve at a pretty fast rate. Often this causes tiny air bubbles in the water for quite awhile! To be sure, take some of the toilet water and put it in a clear glass and let it sit for a short time. If the cloudiness dissappears, it's air, and nothing to worry about. If it only happens some days and not others, I'm pretty sure it's air, and in a toilet bowl it would look a darker shade of grey than any other water source in your home.
kc5255 Level 38 / Out of the Workforce
Answered 5 years ago
Please visit the below websites.

This “grey” water is then reused to flush the toilet or for irrigation, ... but it came with the house and it is hard to get rid of

Household wastewater typically contains all the water from toilet flushings (blackwater) as ... it should never be used to dump something to "get rid of it.

Make Better Use of Your Toilet Water
Why not take it further and have the grey water coming out of the actual sink go ... in my own cramped bathroom, as soon as I manage to get ahold of a hand

Common Greywater Mistakes and Preferred PracticesIf your goal is to just get rid of grey water responsibly and irrigation is ..... from a constructed wetland, it may be worth supplying it to the toilet.
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