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Asked by radrob27 - 5 years ago
I have a two year old son and about five days ago i noticed that he had some small blisters on his hands and feet. They dont seem to bother him too much, i think they bother me more than him. They are just water blisters and they are only on the palms of his hands and the bottom of his toes.He hasnt been around any heat sources or walked barefoot on any surfaces that would of caused this, im at a loss and his doctor is on vacation. Has anyone ever seen or delt with this issue? if so what should i do?
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mboutilier Level 55 / Living life to the fullest!
Answered 5 years ago
Actually, I have the same problem! My doctor said it was contact dermatitis, and prescribed a cream which cleared it up overnight! He told me never to use anti-bacterial soap because it kills the good bacteria as well as bad, and leaves your skin wide open for fungal or viral infections! I still don't know what I came in contact with to cause these tiny water blisters - could have been anything! I don't know if that's what your son has, but I do know that it's important to keep hands and feet dry - free of sweat or moisture of any kind. When his doctor gets back, have him checked out just to be sure! Good luck!
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