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Asked by malakey - 6 years ago
my husband has a penic problem its too small and he wants to make it biger.. what is the best thing we should do? its makes him angry an upset.. but its alright for me... its just that he has always wished to have it big and i will love to make his dream come true.. please someone give me an answer...
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joeyng92 Level 4 / Student
Answered 6 years ago
I'm assuming penic as penis yeah?

Penis size is a sensitive issue for many men, including gay men; and penis enlargement is a big business. But, before you try the numerous products on the market promising to make your penis bigger, know the facts and beware of false techniques.

What is the average penis size?

The average penis is five to seven inches (127 to 178 mm) long when erect (measured from the tip of the penis head to the abdomen).

Well, there are a few common penis enlargement techniques. Like your vacuum pumps, medication and pills, hanging weights, surgery and exercises.

HOWEVER, penis enlargement techniques do not work.

Many programs and products claim to have found the one true secret to a bigger penis. Potential clients should take caution, however, because there is no scientifically proven method of increasing your penis size without risk. Any by "scientific" I don't mean a team of infomercial professionals, but a regulated, licensed and controlled body of research, like the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

Don't sacrifice sensation or permanent damage for a false promise of size enhancement. By attempting to increase your penis size, you run the risk of losing sensation in your peripheral nerves (making it more difficult to ejaculate), impotence, scarring, lesions or other permanent damage. Few advertised penis enlargement products or processes are open about potential side affects or permanent damage.

Don't confuse swelling and irritation for size enhancement, either. Most techniques can cause irritation to the penis, which can result in temporary swelling- eventually leading to permanent damage.

So I suggest you tell your husband that he should be proud of it. Its every man's pride and there should never be a case where a male should be ashamed of his penis (well I mean unless he's gay or something). There are methods but the methods used have also many side effects that might lead to permanent damage. I hope this helps you and your husband, malakey.
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