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Asked by Yellow123 - 6 years ago
My 3 1/2 cat has this black stuff under her mouth and i was wondering what it would be if anyone knows out there?

1. Its black
2. Its like these little black dots and are hard when you pick them of.
3. I know its not mites.
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Aoibhell Level 4 / Feline Behavior Consultant
Answered 6 years ago
Do they come right back in a few days after you slough them off? Sounds like Feline Acne... yes, cats can get that too! The most common cause of feline acne is from pastic food and water dishes because they carry bacteria. Try switching your bowls to metal/stainless steel. Acne can also be caused by stress, dietary deficiency, or skin irritations.

Not a bad idea to take your cat to see a vet, though, as acne can be a side effect of something more serious, such as Ringworm, allergies, yeast infections, etc. Ringworm and yeast infections must be treated by a vet.

You can't cure Feline Acne but you can take preventative steps to keep it at bay. Stick with the metal dishes. Antiseborrheic shampoos containing benzoyl peroxide (3% or less) can also help cut down excess oils in some cases.
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cjooste Level 2
Answered 6 years ago
That is cat blackheads.
If you just leave them may become irritated, swollen & infected, leading to pustules.
Even though nobody is very certain what causes them, they've highlighted stress, plastic food bowls (they spread the bacteria, and an allergy to the plastic could also be a cause) Bad grooming habits is also a culprit, as well as over-active sebaceous glands and food allergies.
If it's a mild attack, you can use warm water with antibacterial soap to clean it, Betadine or Epsom Salts. For orse cases, your vet can prescribe antibiotics or glucocorticoids.
Rather consult your vet, don't just use human meds on your kitty, never a good idea.
Switch over to all ceramic bowls, and wash all kitty's bowls daily to keep high hygeine levels.
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