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Asked by thomsonm - 6 years ago
I have eaten 10 mouthfuls of chicken cut up in an enchilada which were pink but slightly warm. Will I definitely get sick?
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Richard Level 77 / Retired Dentist
Answered 6 years ago
You can anticipate sudden onset of nausea, cramping and diarrhoea 6 to 72 hours after eating salmonella infected food. Campylobacter infection may take two to 5 days to become apparent. This will normally include diarrhoea, fever, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting.

If you get sick, seek medical advice and practice good hygiene (wash hands dont cook for others). It may be worthwhile thinking about what you eat for the next little while as it may be comming back the way you sent it in or it could be fired out the other end with great force.

The most you can do now is see what happens. But at least you know what you may be in for and can now prepare.

Just because bacteria is present on the meat, doesn't mean that your body can't fight it off, if it is a smaller amount.
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swildee1e Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
yes its most possible as the food has been held in a danger zone if you feel sick ,dizzy ,pains the runs after two hours or before two days seek medical advice for food poisoning if still worried seek medical advice now please note food poisioning affects the young, old and pregnant women more than the average person
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dhay Level 14 / clinical academic
Answered 6 years ago
Not necessarily but you are at risk of food poisoning.

If you get ill have a shower and go to hospital and submit a stool sample.

Do not go to work and do not prepare food for anyone else until you are better.
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anick Level 3
Answered 4 years ago
if its slightly warm there is about an 85% chance that u will be sick.

good luck buddy
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Shebot Level 36
Answered 4 years ago
Ask yourself why you couldn't be bothered to cook it?
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jackhon Level 4
Answered 3 years ago
you may get sick ,seek medical advice .
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kathrync Level 1
Answered 2 years ago
YES! you can get food poisoning
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