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Asked by redclarered - 7 years ago
My period was late by ten days then i took cramps for three days then the cramps stopped.But i didnt bleed it seemed to be like a thick black substance and just came now and again and this lasted for two days.I am confused and not sure if i should go to the doctors.Could i be pregnant i am also suffering terrible headaches and slight nausea today.
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i have been married since last july and came off the contraceptive pill then but my husband works abroad and if i am pregnant i could only be three weeks coz he came home then Should i be feeling like this now?
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Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 7 years ago
That thick black substance is probably old menstrual blood. So you missed your period. Go to the doctors. He will probably give you a pregnancy test and check for infections.
kc5255 Level 38 / Out of the Workforce
Answered 7 years ago
Prior to your problem, were you on any birth controls method?

A brown discharge is usually a blood discharge. If the bleeding is quite slight then it takes longer to reach the outside world and turns from red or black to brown in the process. Such bleeding can be caused by all kinds of things - most commonly infections and erosions (these are raw patches on the cervix).

There are many other possibilities and the only way to find out what is causing it is to go and see your GP and get examined or referred to a gynaecologist for examination.

I suspect this is not going to go away by itself so go and get it attended to. Most of the possible causes are extremely easily treated.

If you think that you may be pregnant, go to your local pharmacy store and buy a pregancy test.

I think it would be best to see your doctor. It could be something simple like your body getting rid of blood clots but it is not worth the risk.
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PS: As a woman myself who have had three pregnancies, I have never experienced "black discharge" prior to or during my pregnancies.
However, I have had this type of irregular after my periods (no longer having periods). But in my case some other issues were going on with my body then.
dhay Level 14 / clinical academic
Answered 7 years ago
This could be an ectopic pregnancy. Go to your doctor now!
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I'm a gynae
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drngp Level 1
Answered 7 years ago
Are you suffering ythis type for first time or previously you have this at the time of periods. If it is first time contact the doctor immediately. if your problem is old one , then take remedies for dysmonnrrhoea - a good homeopathic doctor will definetely will help you in this regard.
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NicVic Level 11 / caregiver for elderly
Answered 6 years ago
I think you know you have to see a doctor, hon. It could be anything. Please don't wait...
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