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Asked by angie63 - 7 years ago
my female cat had a litter of kittens which are all gone now and i noticed yesteray her breast are very enlarged and hard is this something i should be concerned about?
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explicate Level 12 / Military/Government Work
Answered 7 years ago
Being that her kittens are now gone, I would definitely take her to the vet. This issue needs to be addressed.
smohpal Level 22 / ENGINEER
Answered 7 years ago
No. You should take it easy as of now.

Weaning :

Weaning is a natural process. As kittens begin to eat the food you provide, they will nurse less. As the kittens nurse less, the mother cat will not require as much food, so expect her to eat less.

When the kittens are eating well, they can be placed with their new owners. If you decide to keep on of the kittens, plan on separating it from the mother for a few days when it is about six or seven weeks old. This will usually complete the weaning process. In some cases, you won't have to separate the kitten from the mother, for the mother will not allow it to nurse, thus weaning the kittens herself.

When the kittens are weaned, the mother's breasts may swell and become tender. This tenderness usually lasts only a few days, and the milk production gradually ceases. If the breasts stay tender, feel hot or there are any other unusual signs, contact your veterinarian.
Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 7 years ago
If it is one breast then you must take her to the vet.
There five pairs of nipples. Feel all of them for lumps.
deborah3 Level 1
Answered 7 years ago
Definitely be concerned
You say her breast (singular) and then (are) plural, If it is only one breast or teats (proper name), she may have mastitis, a bacterial infection, the breast would feel hot to the touch, and if you tried to milk it VERY GENTLY, using some fragrance free body oil, the milk will come out chunky, in a cat little bits of calcificion and you should get watery milk also. This is easy to correct, but remember it is very painfully, I had it with one of my children. heat water as high as she can stand it and lay her on your lap and apply compress, a few times a day, this should passively feel like a kitten nursing and will draw out the purulent (pusie) liquid. You can get penicillin at the farm store depending on how many imperial units and size of cat you are probably fine injecting about 2cc of antibotic, once a day. She will be good as new in a few days.

Now if all the teats are enlarged and engorged it could be the milk is just taking longer to dry up, ask you vet for a diuretic this will dry up the last of the milk.
(Diuretics are inexpansive and you only want about three so don't let him/her try to sell you l00 .
Other more uncommon diseases are galacteria, this is a hormone problem the vet will need to give her prednisone for, OR at times a small (beneign) tumor occurs at the top of the spinal column in the high neck and causes an constant supply of milk , laser surgery can take care of that. But if your cat has either one of the last two problems advertise at the vets around town you have a wet nurse cat, and make so extra cash. We used to charge $12 per day per kitten or really any small to be wet nursed.
I have a picture of one of my springer spaniels after she had pups nursing our baby raccoon, and one of the barn cats along with two stray puppies. Momma's don't really care what nurses off them once they have had a litter.
Hope this helped,
Source Deb, BSc., D,M.V.
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Aoibhell Level 4 / Feline Behavior Consultant
Answered 7 years ago
How long ago did you give the kittens away? It takes about 6-10 days of no nursing for the mother to dry up, but can take up to about 3 weeks.

However, your cat should be seen by a vet if it has been more than a week to rule out Mastitis (inflammation of the mammary gland) which is a very serious medical emergency.

Spaying your cat as soon as possible will also prevent a lot of reproductive complications.
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