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Asked by gissell3390 - 6 years ago
3. You can use a standard caterer's symbol, such as a chef's hat, on your business card as your

A. logo.
B. slogan.
C. gimmick.
D. trademark.

4. Suppose you're a caterer who specializes in cooking and serving meals in the client's house. What type of catering service are you providing?

A. No-service catering
B. Partial-service catering
C. Full-service catering
D. On-premise catering

5. Which of the following is the best way to get your catering business started?

A. Research your area and develop a marketing strategy.
B. Wait for your excellent food and service to build you a good image and reputation.
C. Leave your business cards every appropriate place you can.
D. Get involved with local organizations and become a speaker.

6. Which of the following would you want to do when developing a marketing position?

A. Position yourself in an untapped consumer market.
B. Go after the same demographic as other area caterers.
C. Market yourself as a general caterer willing to accept any type of job.
D. Emphasize your inexperience and gain clients by charging a much cheaper price.

7. A new caterer, working off premise, typically invests less than _______ to open a catering business.

A. $15,000
B. $10,000
C. $5,000
D. $2,000

8. On your business card, you position your business as "the area's most creative cookery." This phrase is your

A. slogan.
B. business name.
C. logo.
D. parameter.

9. The planned effort to present a unique image through newspapers, community events, and other visible places is called

A. advertising.
B. branding.
C. public relations.
D. press release.

10. Leon is catering a luncheon. He is only supplying the food. What kind of catering service is he providing?

A. Social
B. Public
C. Corporate catering
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smohpal Level 22 / ENGINEER
Answered 6 years ago
3. A. Logo
4. D. On-premise catering
5. A. Research your area and develop a marketing strategy.
6. A. Position yourself in an untapped consumer market.
7. A. $15,000
8. A. slogan.
9. A. advertising.
10.A. Social
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